Oh Canada

Tomorrow I’ll be on my flight to Canada, yaaay, I’ll be living in Toronto for one year as an exchange student, I’m soooooo happy! I can barely believe it! I also can’t believe My mom managed to put all those clothes inside my bags, hahahha, I think it’s mom-power. I already told her that I’ll need to bring her to help me pack when I come back to Brazil, lol.

I’m just so happy! My host family seems to be very nice and kind <3 I so excited to start speaking english like crazy! Hahaha, and I bought an Alienware *o*~ Skyrim, here I come! >3

And I’ll be working there too! But I’ll have to find a job by myself, I hope everything goes well. Wish me luck! x3 I’ll be posting from Canada soon, yay. <3

Bye! ;*******