Hello Canada!

Hello everybody, how are you doing? I’m great! I’m so happy to be living here in Toronto! It’s awesome! I’ve been making many new friends an learning a lot of stuff! I have a lot to say about living here, but today I wanna make a review on a dry shampoo I got at Hot Topic (I love them! <;3)


As you can see in the picture, it’s called Warpaint Beauty Pink Dry Shampoo, what is great is that it comes in several colors, so if you have black hair you don’t have to worry about having white dust in your hair, because there’s the black powder! In the store I saw black, white, pink and purple I guess, I don’t know if there are other colors, but that’s a good range anyways.


So here is how my hair looks using the dry shampoo, it’s been four days since I last washed it, isn’t it awesome?! And it was on sale, so I only paid $4.00 for it, I’m definitely coming back to buy more! That’s a very good option for people with no time or dyed hair, because you have to wash your hair less and the color will last longer. I definitely recommend that!

And now I’m gonna wash my hair, hahaha, I hope you enjoyed it. See you all soon, bye bye! ;***