Oh Canada

Tomorrow I’ll be on my flight to Canada, yaaay, I’ll be living in Toronto for one year as an exchange student, I’m soooooo happy! I can barely believe it! I also can’t believe My mom managed to put all those clothes inside my bags, hahahha, I think it’s mom-power. I already told her that I’ll need to bring her to help me pack when I come back to Brazil, lol.

I’m just so happy! My host family seems to be very nice and kind <3 I so excited to start speaking english like crazy! Hahaha, and I bought an Alienware *o*~ Skyrim, here I come! >3

And I’ll be working there too! But I’ll have to find a job by myself, I hope everything goes well. Wish me luck! x3 I’ll be posting from Canada soon, yay. <3

Bye! ;*******


Kreativ Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award by Kerry from Luv And I Do and I’m soooooo happy about it! <3 I have this blog for such a short time! Thank you very, very much Kerry! <3 If you don’t read her blog yet, go read it! She’s really fun and is always making me hungry with her yummy posts! :9

Kreativ Blogger Award

Now I’m supposed to share somethings you don’t know about me, but I already said so much on my about page, I don’t know what to say, hahaha. Let’s see what I can remember:

1 – I have a really bad memory, you can tell me pretty much any secret, I won’t remember it anyways, hahaha.

2 – I constantly play the “don’t step on the line” game while walking on the street. I’m ridiculous, hahahaha.

3 – I talk to my imaginary friends all the time, really, I have to pay attention when I’m on the street so the people around me won’t think I’m schizophrenic.

4 – I just fount out how to spell ‘schizophrenic’.

5 – My imaginary friends vary from what I’ve been watching/reading, right now is Kakashi from the anime Naruto, hahaha, I’m like a 12 year old.

6 – I cry every time I remember my pets have such a small lifespan. ):

7 – I have absolutely no problem with animals licking me, but human baby’s drool is  gross! D:

8 – When I was a child I started several classes: piano, flute, gymnastics, ballet, flamenco dance… And I quit all of them. I regret it every day. ):

9 – I have a short attention span, I often stop paying attention and start to think about how hungry/sleepy I am or how fun would it be to be on stage singing.

10 – I’m addicted to communicate using emoticons, I always feel like I’m giving the wrong impression if I don’t write a face like this: xD I really have to control myself so I don’t overdo it. x.x

Ok, so I was able to remember quite a lot, I’m happy. :D Now I don’t know if there’s a rule about not giving the award to someone that already won it, but I don’t know many blogs yet, well… I would like to nominate each of the following bloggers with the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Luv And I Do She posts about so many different things! And her recipes always makes me hungry! Yummy :9

Speckled Egg I love her nail art and honest reviews of nail polishes, if you like nail art, you should follow her blog! <3

Maze A Day He draws the coolest mazes everyday! Needs lots of creativity to do this incredible pictures everyday! :o

Hair Modification All about hair colors and products, I love the reviews and tips about hair, but all in portuguese. I think the deserves the award no matter what language she speaks! :D Tudo sobre colorações e produtos para cabeo, eu amo as resenhas e dicas sobre cabelo, só que em português. Eu acho que ela merece esse award não importa que lingua fale! :D

Bethezda’s Preoccupations She’s awesome and does the coolest eye makeups! AND she’s a gorgeous goth mom, I told you she’s awesome! <3

Details In The Fabric ‘Cause Casper is way too cute and I really like to read what his owner posts about. <3

Here are a few helpful guidelines to follow about the awards:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
  2. Post a photo of the award.
  3. Share a few things your readers do not know about you.
  4. Present six fellow bloggers the award.
  5. Let them know they received the award

Now I’ll go tell all this people that I nominated them! <3 See you soon! Bye bye!!