Outfit of the day and New hair! :D

Hy guys! Today I recorded my first ‘outfit of the day’ (OOTD) video and wanted to share it with you! Also, I dyed my hair two or three days ago and you can se it in the video too! :D

Here it is:

Bye, see you soon!



How to dye your hair with a fantasy color

Hello guys! Today I wanna give you some tips about bleaching and dyeing your hair, yay!

First, if you’re gonna bleach your entire hair I DO NOT recommend that you do it by yourself at home, bleaching is a very serious process and can totally fry your hair and you’ll have to cut it off and if you leave the bleach for too long in your hair it can break and make you cry! ): So pretty please, do it in a salon for your hair’s sake!

Now, if you’re gonna do just some highlights or retouch the roots you can safely do it by yourself. Have a friend to help you do the back part of your head would be a great idea too! (: Something really important is to not try to save money here, you’ll need good products to archive the desired look with minor damage. It’s recommended to use the same brand of bleaching powder and OX, you can also buy a bleaching kit, I know Manic Panic has a bleaching kit which I never used, but read some good reviews about it, the only con I read is that only one kit is not enough for long hair (which is obvious, bitch please). I know Amazon sells it, you may also find it at Sally’s and you can buy online from Fuel The Army too.

Manic Panic Bleaching Kit - click to go to Fuel The Army

The 20 volume is for lighter hair, 30 is for almost all hair colors and 40 is for really dark brown or black hair. It’s always important to test it in a very small piece of hair so you can see if your hair can handle it without too much damage. Never leave bleach on your hair for longer than 45 minutes (one hour at max!!!), otherwise it will break or become elastic and week AND no hair color will stick on it for more than two washes. I’m being this annoying about it because I’ve left bleach on my hair for too long once, fortunately only one piece broke, but the rest became very week and fragile and would break all the time, it took a long time and a lot of money to make it better, but it’s still weaker than the rest of my hair and I’m always worried if it’s gonna break and fall and leave me with short hair… ):

Even if you have natural blonde hair it is necessary that you bleach your hair so the fantasy hair dye can penetrate your hair properly, so use the 20 volume OX and leave it for 15~20 minutes, it’s enough for blonde hair. You can dye it without bleaching, but it will last for a shorter time and will look darker that it was supposed to. The tone of blonde you need to archive for each desired color is different. Reds and oranges requires an orange-yellowish blonde; greens, pinks and yellows requires light yellow blonde; blues, purples and light colors (baby pink, lavender etc…) requires really blonde hair (around level 9); for white and silver colors you have to bleach your hair until almost white.

If you have dark hair, don’t try to archive a very light blonde in only one day, it won’t happen, you will probably need to bleach it three times, you’ll need to wait at least one week between bleaches and will have to hydrate your hair a lot during this period (and after it too), this way you can archive healthy light blonde hair. :D

Now, there’s a trick for yellowish blonde hair, if you want to break the yellow, you can neutralize it with violet shampoo, you can also use this kind of shampoo to maintain white hair!

I think that’s it for bleaching, dying is the easy and fun part! Just divide your hair in small sections and spread the dye with a brush (the bleaching kit includes one!) evenly. Each brand works in a different way, so read the instructions to archive better results. If there’s a section you wanna keep blonde, you can cover it with conditioner to protect it from the dye. And remember to use gloves! Unless you like to have colored hands, that’s up to you!

So, I think that’s it! If I missed something or if you have a question, please let me know!

Xoxo ;***

What can you expect from dying your hair with fantasy colors

Hello people! How are you doing? Today I’ll talk about what can you expect from dying your hair with fantasy colors, because many people think it’s beautiful, but don’t have the guts to do it, so I’ll tell you what to expect, so you can make your decision on dyeing your hole hair bright pink or make only one highlight. ;)

First of all, what are fantasy colors? Fantasy colors are colors of hair that are not natural at all, like pink, blue, purple, green, bright red… All this colors are completely unnatural and are known as fantasy colors.

My pink curls :D

Now that you know that, let’s get to the point.

First if you live with your mother and she really disapproves you dyeing your hair with weird colors, I think it’s really disrespectful to do it, so please, talk to your parents about what they think and tell them how you feel about it. A hair color doesn’t change who you are. Lucky me my mom loved the idea (and my grandmother too! lol)

Now that you know what your parents think, you should consider the kind of work you do/wanna do, since some people are still judgmental about hair colors, piercings and tattoos. If you’re already employed, you can do two things: talk to your boss about it or simply doing a good work and the showing up with a new and cool hair color and keep doing a good job, that way your boss won’t have a reason to fire you. But you should talk to him first, I guess. Don’t forget you can always use a wig to work! ;)

Now, about the people in the street. I don’t know how it is in other countries, but here in Brazil people do stare a lot and often come and talk to me asking if it’s a wig, if my mom approved it and why I did it, it’s usually funny, but if you’re having a bad day, it will probably piss you off. It’s common that people approach me to tell me they love my hair very much and that they wish they had the guts to do the same, actually one time a girl screamed from her car “I WILL DYE MY HAIR JUST LIKE YOURS! I LOVED IT!”, as I said, it’s funny.

But there will be people that hates your hair or simply doesn’t understand what they are seeing and they can be mean and say it’s really weird and that you look like a demon and stuff (I’ve been called “demon” and “vampire”, lol), for me it’s usually funny too, but if I’m having a bad day it can make me feel bad, but I always remember how much I love my hair and how it makes me happy. I was only scared this one time when two boys pretended they would ride over me with their bicycles, as I said, people can be mean, but I don’t know if that’s a brazilian thing or if it happens on other countries too. I hope people are more evolved out there.

Haters Gonna Hate

Now is time to forget other people! Do you have time to take care of your hair regularly? Are you willing to spend a lot of money to maintain your hair? Well, you gotta be. To have this bright colors of hair you have to bleach it and it can be a very damaging process. You’ll have to hydrate it constantly and use good products to wash it. Also you have to retouch the roots probably twice a month and revive the color every now and then, it will depend on your taste, on how many times you wash your hair and on which hair dye you’re using. I can make a post on that later if you want me to. (:

You can retouch your roots by yourself or ask a friend to help you, it’s really not that hard, just be careful to not bleach the already bleached hair and to not live the product too long on your hair, other wise it will break and fall, I mean it, don’t leave the bleach on your hair more than 45 minutes.

Well, I think this post is long enough, so I’ll stop here. Hope it helped you! Please let me know if you have any questions, I’ll happily answer them! (:

Xoxo ;***