Nail art time!

First I would like to thank you all for following and commenting, I wasn’t expecting it that soon! Thank you very much! It means a lot more than you can imagine. <3

Now I’ll make a quick tutorial on how to do the nail art I’m using this week! It’s pretty simple, but it’s cute. :3 Also, I was bored with my squared nails and filed them, now I have Saber Tooth pointy nails, hahaha. >3

So, choose any two colors you like, I’m using a light and a dark purple. After applying your favorite nail strengthener and base coat, apply two coats of your lighter color (or enough coats to make it opaque), then paint diagonally the tips of your nails with your darker color. Like this:

Pointy, bohohoho >3

But do all your nails, this was just to show you the base color too. Now take your darker color and make tiny hearts following the diagonal line, it’s easier than it sounds! Just make two dots and connect them, like this:

I bet you are impressed with my photoshop skills NOT

Make three or four hearts, or as many as you want. (: My tip is, if you’re right handed than do your right hand first, if you can do on this hand, you certainly can do your left hand! Since I started doing nail art I follow this “rule”, it works for me, may work for you too! (oops, just screwed one of my nails typing D: But it’s ok, thankfully was just the very tip, can easily be corrected, yay! :D). Now use your lighter color to make dots following the diagonal line too, you can even make one heart too, so cute! :3 Well, it should look like this:

Yay, hearts! :D

Before I finished doing this to all my nails, I took a picture to show you another possible look, I found this one cute too! (just ignore my index finger on this picture). Here:

Dots and one heart, charming, huh? <3

Now, finish all your nails and I just realized you have a Valentine’s Day nail art! :D Too early for that? I don’t know, valentine’s is only in july here in brazil, lol. Add glitter if you’d like to or just top coat it and it’s done, yaaay! It’s easy right? Now, for the final look, TA-DAAAA:

Final look, cute and easy!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I can make more if you find this helpful! Now, I better be going, since I still need to buy lunch and it’s almost dinner time, hahaha. See you soon, bye!!



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