How to grow long and healthy nails

Hi guys, I’m back! As promised, here it is a post about how to have long and healthy nails! But I must say that I live in Brazil so I can’t really tell you where to buy stuff in your country, but I’m sure you can find anything similar where you live. (:

Winter nail art I did for this christmas (:

So here it is my tips to grow healthy nails:

1- If you have the habit to bite your nails or simply to put your fingers in your mouth you better stop it, it’s really harmful for your fingers and the saliva makes your nails weaker and less likely to grow strong. I used to bite my nails, but I stopped because I really wanted long nails, they are so beautiful! <3 It may be hard at first, but I’m sure you can do it! (:

2- When washing the dishes, cleaning the house or handling any kind of chemicals (like bleach), protect your nails (and hands!) with gloves, this chemicals are really bad for your nails (and hands! [2]) and will make them weaker.

3- Pay attention to what you are doing, it is really common to go open a drawer and then your hand slip and good bye long nails! ): It is also common to stick your hands in your pocket and fold your nail, which, really hurts and can break your nails too, so be careful and pay attention. Don’t try to open things with your nails, you’re not Wolverine, unfortunately.

4- Always use nail strengthener and base coat, I know OPI has some good ones! They will protect your nails from staining and make them stronger and less likely to break. (: If you live in Brazil I can recommend you the Risque Technology line, they’re really good!

5- If your nails break, don’t try to glue them with super glue, it won’t work and will harm your nails (remember what I said about chemicals?). The best thing to do is clip your broken nail as soon as possible, so it won’t hit somewhere else and damage it even more, it can even hurt you! I know it breaks our hearts when we have to cut our beautiful nails because they are broken, but it’s the only thing we can do. ):

6- Use the strengthener and base coat under your nails too, it will give them one more coat of protection and will make them stronger. You can use regular nail polish too, but it’s harder to remove it from under the nails. Personal experience, hahaha, I used to do it, but I got too lazy about removing the nail polish from under my nails and gave up, I only use the strengthener and base coat now. (:

7- Some people say you shouldn’t paint your nails all the time, because they need to “breathe”, but it’s a mistake, nails do not transpire and even if you don’t wanna paint it with any color, it’s ok to simply apply the nail strengthener every week, it won’t harm your nails or prevent them from growing.

8- It is very good to hydrate your nails (and hands! [3]), it will make them grow healthier, I recommend you to do it three times a day, it can be in the morning, after lunch and before you go to bed. Any hand cream will do it, and it will also make your hands softer and healthy looking! ;)

So, these are my tips for growing long and healthy nails! I hope it helped you guys! Any questions, please leave a comment! Bye bye! ;***


One comment on “How to grow long and healthy nails

  1. I did very similar nail art this Christmas too :)
    Some great tips BTW! I am amazed at how long your nails are! Mine would never get that long lol

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