Hello People! :D

Hey guys! How are you? I’m here to start another my new blog! Here I’m gonna talk about my life, and things like how I do my nails, makeup, hair and stuff like that. My first post (this one doesn’t count) will be about how to grow long and healthy nails. ;) Help me to spread the world about my blog! The more comments I get, more willing to write new posts I’ll feel. :D

I already wrote and “about me” page, so you can know a little bit about me! Also, I sell fake nails with nail art made by me, you can Like my facebook page here on the sidebar and see some of the nail art I’ve done. ;) Fell free to ask for shipping information, although I live in Brazil, so it can be kinda expensive. ): But don’t worry, in March I’ll go to Canada and will stay there for a while, so the shipping will probably be cheaper! (: Anyways, any design is U$10,00 and I can make any design you want (at least I’ll try my best, and if I’m unable to do it I’ll let you know).

Well, I think that’s it for today, I’ll live you with a picture of my nails. ;)

My Swan Nail Art (:

Bye! ;***


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