Animal Print Nail Art

Hi guys! I’m just so happy that I finally got the colors to make this nail art! :D I never use brown or nude nail polish, so I never had the colors to make the giraffe print! ): But this time I found the perfect shade at a drugstore and couldn’t wait to do this one! :D

Here is the final look:

Animal print nail art :D

My tiger sucks, but I find this design so beautiful! <3 I hope you liked it! :D Here’s the tutorial to do this nails:

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! See you all soon! Bye ;**



What Happens When Alice and Anti-Alice Meet? A Celebration of Lewis Carrolls 180th Birthday

So, today would be Lewis Carroll’s 180th birthday, he is the brilliant writer of Alice in Wonderland. I always loved this movie/book and I have Cheshire’s face tattooed on my left wrist.

My Cheshire Cat tattoo (:

I just read this article, it’s kinda about matter and anti-matter based on another of Lewis’ books called “Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There” I found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you. If you ever read Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons or if you are kinda geek like me, you may know what is anti-matter (there is the option that you actually are a quantum-physicist too).

Here is the link to the full article and a picture from the article, I just loved this statue! When I became rich, I’ll have one of these on my garden right next to my plants that protect me from zombies!

“Through the Looking-Glass”

What Happens When Alice and Anti-Alice Meet? A Celebration of Lewis Carrolls 180th Birthday.

See you soon! Bye! ;*


Mermaid hair tutorial

Hello people! Hope you’re all doing alright! Today I wanna introduce you to my favorite hair-guru on Youtube! Her name is Bebexo, she has the most beautiful hair tutorials and she can always make them simple. <3 A few days ago I had to pick up my mom at the airport and my hair was looking so bad! I was gonna french-braid it, but I saw her new tutorial and decided to give it a try! I have half as much hair as she has and I also have layers, which makes mu braids thinner, so it looks smaller than her’s, but I think it was good enough, hahaha:

The frontal look (with my 'old' hair, haha)

The braid

It is not the best picture ever, but… Well, as I said, she has much more hair than I do, so it looks better on her hair, I can’t wait to get myself some hair extensions! Also, as you can see, my hair is all faded, I was letting the color go away  just washing it, I didn’t wanna bleach it anymore, I changed the color, as you saw on the last post. :D

Here is Bebexo’s tutorial:

So, what do you think of this look? Do you wanna try it? I hope you enjoyed it! :D Bye! o/